Heide Schimke

„... Reality itsef provides the inspiration. I feel my feet under the soft, churned up sand that the crabs throw on the ground while filtering their food. I am overcome with a deep feeling of contact while I drag my naked feet through the sand. It is hard to explain. Such endless effort for such tiny crabs! The way they throw the sand out of their holes, day after day. It is a universe of small spheres that stretches along the immense area as soon as the water retreats at low tide. Food, existence - infinite cycles of labour just to survive, this is what is unfolding in front of me. In my own way I follow this impulse out here with each and every step. Through this mode of transportation a piece of me vanishes and I truly feel like I enter a new, expanded realm of experience...“
— Excerpt from the travel diary Australia 2014

Art of Walking

Just the manner of walking can activate the senses and makes the boundaries of the self tangible, at the same time spurring on ones imagination in some way. More...

Magical Findings

The red sand burns after a lightning strike in the merciless sun. The driftwood stretches its branches like white bones into the demarcation line between land and sea. More...